Varsity Sports Program

Vision, Mission and Objectives Statements

Vision Statement

A sporting community that creates opportunities for its members (student-athletes, coaches, and staff) to realize their full human potential and contribute to nation building.

Mission Statement

To provide a holistic, dynamic, and evidence-based program, anchored on its values, serving the needs of its members by nurturing a sporting community through efficient organizational management.

Program Objectives

To realize both the program's vision and mission, the UP CHK VSP has the following objectives:

Organizational Philosophy and Values

The UP CHK VSP functions as a university-based sports program that espouses the following principles in carrying out its duties and responsibilities.


The UP CHK VSP is committed to the development of the overall well-being of student-athletes and teams.

Excellence with Integrity and Honor

The UP CHK VSP achieves its goals in excellence anchored on fair, equitable and honorable means that respect the rights of every student-athlete and team.

Empowering Leadership

The UP CHK VSP leads transformation among student-athletes and teams by empowering and providing them opportunities for growth and development and lifelong learning.


The UP CHK VSP upholds accountability by clearly defining the responsibilities and roles of stakeholders, making them understand the value of taking ownership for their respective actions, while cultivating pride as they achieve their goals under the program.


The UP CHK VSP believes in the use of an objective and evidence-based approach to performance development and decision making.

Varsity Athletic Admission System (VAAS)

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